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We’ll upgrade your Automation system to surpass what any manufacturer can provide.

So who are you?

We are KUTUN Automotive, and we specialize in energy efficiency solutions for the automotive industry. We are also an official partner of Keyloop Ltd.

Keyloop Ltd is the world’s leading supplier of Dealership Management Systems for automotive industry. Their software is used by more than 20,000 dealerships in 100 countries.

And what do you do?

By using KUTUN Remap module we connect Dealer Management System to Building Automation. At the same time we transform the HVAC control logic from clock based to demand based, regardless of the original manufacturer of the system.

What do we gain from it?

Significant energy savings: Demand-based control of HVAC systems reduces heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer by more than 40 percent.

KUTUN Remap reduces CO2 emissions significantly more than solar panels – because solar
panels do not affect heating.

But we already have the system from Ouman, Fidelix, Regin or some other market leader?

Nice, let’s make it superior! Ouman and Regin are our specialities, but of course we can and will install Remap module to other systems as well.

So how does KUTUN Remap adjust?

The list is long, so we recommend getting in touch or downloading our brochure. In short, KUTUN Remap constantly monitors the workshop’s work orders, booking status, workload and air quality, adjusting the building technology accordingly.

Does it suit for us?

If the present system is not from the stone age and completely fried up, KUTUN Remap can be installed in older as well as the newest Building Automation systems and HVAC controllers.

Ok, what next?

Call Jari, or fill out the contact form below to receive our brochure.